• model:RMT
    Matsuzawa Rockwell Hardness Tester RMT follows ASTM and JIS standards, and is equipped with plastic testing methods. It can be operated with just one touch and the reading time can be set. Automatically start measurement After the loading force is set, the loading can be completed automatically. You can set the correct range value and over-limit value, and convert it to other tables to calculate the maximum, minimum, difference, average, standard deviation, etc. of the memory data (256 data).
  • model:Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • model:OHK-DD4
    The REX OHK-DD4 digital display O-ring hardness tester is an upgraded version of the digital display Shore hardness tester successfully developed. The hardness tester is specially designed for small rubber products such as O-rings. The unique hardness tester bracket makes the measurement stable and the measured value. Precise.
  • model:OHK-1600
    Rex OHK-1600 Dial O-ring Hardness TesterLong indenter testIncludes NIST calibration certificateMeet the ASTM D-2240 standard0.1 resolutionProfessional instrument storage box1 year warrantyDisplay O-ring hardness testerOptional scales: A, D, B, C, DO, E, M, O, OO, OOO, OOO-S, ASKER C.The Rex OHK-1600
  • model:OHK-DD5
    Features:REX (Rex) OHK-DD5 digital display O-ring hardness tester can perform repeatable hardness testing on O-ring thin materials as thin as 0.050 inches (1.27mm wire diameter), with the most convenient and accurate The method tested the hardness of O-ring samples. It is the most ideal O-ring hardn
  • model:Axio Zoom.V16
    Fluorescence zoom microscope with large field of viewAxio Zoom.V16 has a 16x zoom range and high numerical aperture (NA=0.25), which is far ahead of the same series of stereo and zoom microscopes. It has a very high numerical aperture in the medium zoom range, and can achieve ultra-high brightness i
  • model:N-SIM E
    Personal super-resolution microscope with resolution comparable to N-SIMN-SIM E uses structured illumination microscope technology to achieve a spatial resolution (approximately 115nm) twice that of traditional optical microscopes. As a streamlined and economical super-resolution system, N-SIM E sup
  • model:MULTIZOOM AZ100
    This is a multifunctional zoom microscope that is between the stereo microscope and the metallurgical microscope, and has the characteristics of both the stereo microscope and the metallurgical microscope. It is a newly launched, groundbreaking, brand-new concept microscope from Nikon. .Adopt
  • model:ECLIPSE LV100N POL
    * Polarizing microscope with high-grade optical quality, controllability and stabilityA high-quality polarized light microscope with excellent optical performance and a wide range of uses can be used for various professional polarized light inspections.  
  • model:FPD/LSI
    The CFI60 optical system, which integrates Nikon's optical technology, has reached new heights in brightness, contrast and operability, and is suitable for advanced inspections of large-diameter silicon wafers or large liquid crystal panels.*Large observation sample: Ø300 mm waferL300ND/reflect